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Mix N Mojo

Welcome to the Mix N Mojo Archive of old stuff.
All of this is just as good (or bad) as the stuff still on the main page, just either older or not currently being added to. As with the main page - just click on one of the links below to see more.
Also if anyone has any comments or suggestions please e-mail me

Mix N Mojo Pages:-

The "I'm So Goth" List
Are you as goth as you think you are? Or are you just sick of blond jokes. Come here to see if these sound like things your pretentious friends might say.
Quest Of The Lonely - A Photo Story
Loneliness, sex, snails, pimps, talking luggage, disappointment, happiness - all contained in one massive tenuous story! Enjoy...
Sex + Sorcery - A Photo Love Story
Infidelity, loneliness, sex, true love, magic, boredom, evil, drugs, newspapers - all contained in one massive private joke no-one will get. Enjoy...
A response to the site by the infamous Dave!
17 Harrow Road - The Online Comic
Come here to read about the continuing antics of those crazy cats at the Harrow!
Out Of the Void Came Words...
I was sure I'd never bother with this on this site, but here it is - A poetry section! Yep, run in terror!
Random wibblings of the highest order from myself and others. ee-gads! An almost serious section to the site!
The Cellar Of Time
A strange timewarp has appeared in the cellar bringing forth items from ages past.
Dave's Hat
There was once a guy called Dave. He had a hat. He left it round someones house. He foolishly trusted his so called friends. Come here to find out what new things have happened to Dave's hat.
Who Killed Tigger
A terrible crime has been commited. Can you help?
Top 10 Fave Cartoon Women
My 10 favourite cartoon women. Who's got the best looks and personality to make it to number 1?

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