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Who Killed Tigger?


What follows is the harrowing real life account of the loveable Tigger after he had left the hundred acre wood to seek his own fortune in the World and his horrible, grisly fate.

It had all seemed so exciting to Tigger as he had decided to leave the Hundred Acre wood and his friends to travel the World and seek his fortune. He had grown tired of always being thought of as the clumsy one and the fool. After the success of his own movie (The Tigger Movie) he felt sure he no longer needed rabbit (who seemed to hate him anyway) and the far too cute pigglet.

Rabbit Pigglet

Eeyore didn't seem bothered either way about his going but said in his usual sullen voice: " It will all end in tradegy you know. It always does, not that you'll listen to me. No-one ever cares what I think..." The only person who tried to stop him was Pooh."But Tigger", said Pooh. "What will you do?"
"I don't know Pooh, but I'm sure as sure can be it'll be exciting. After all, I'm a Tigger!"

Eeyore Pooh

What Tigger did after this is not altogether clear. It seems that after being unable to find any other work straight away he ended up living on his own in a house in the middle of a city. He had been reduced to standing outside a branch of The Disney Store in an effort to make ends meet. At about the same time the Winnie The Pooh cartoon was cancelled and sales of books based on Cristopher Robin et al were steadily declining. Many blamed this on the abscence of Tigger's comic relief and ability to get them into merry japes. People were bored of just Pooh and his honey and Pigglett forever being blown away by his kite. Rumour has it that Pooh held Tigger directly responsible and was furious when he wouldn't return his calls.

Tigger down on his luck Greedy Pooh

At about his time it seems a notorious drug dealer - Deadly Dawg - was hounding after Tigger. Had the loveable springy tail fallen so low? No-one knows for sure, but on the morning of December 8th 2001 a grisly discovery was made at Tiggers home. He had been killed.

Crime Scene Photo

The police were quick on the scene and only a few photos were released of the terrible scene. The question that lingered though was; Was it suicide or was Tigger murdered?

Had Tigger finally given up on life after a descending spiral of debt, drugs, rejection and failure or was it more sinister.

Just couldn't hack it anymore

Had Pooh decided to get revenge for Tigger ruining Pooh's success


Or had a vengeful drug dealer come to collect money owed in one form or another?

Deadly Dawg

The police are baffled and need YOUR HELP! If you know anything please contact them via email with the subject heading: I have vital info on Tigger!