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  Out Of The Void Came Words....

This page is dedicated to poetry. The poems on it are all done either by me or are ones people have sent in to me. They are in no ranked order, just the order they were written or sent in.

If you wish to contribute the writings which have formed the window into your soul (in other words your poetry) then just e-mail me and put "Poetry Submission" in the subject line. Also be sure to put your name.

The poem with the star I am particularly fond of. Although some people may consider this a tad down, so it has a more upbeat sister poem right under it.

So let madness and chaos be articulated and read on:


Shred's collection:


(Rabbit Dreams Of Heaven)

Kassariana - Mystical Moments In Strange Situations

(The Walker)

Kassariana - Open

Truth And Beauty*

Kassariana - Sweet Hypocrite

Dreams And Consternation

Kassariana - Vision

Fear Of The Morally Righteous Guilt

Tracy Ann Dunne - The Raven Flies

Bitter Stupidity

Fusha Delynn - Lion

Digression Of The Moon

jessikasbabygirl - Slowly Breaking

Dave's collection:


Looking Blind

Drinking The Solution


Disjointed Drug Poem

Xing Xing