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Here is a collection of things either I have written, or have been sent and liked. There is no set subject like other Mix N Mojo sections. It's pretty much just any thoughts or emotions out of the ordinary that people felt compelled to write for whatever reason. Be it bizarre, banal, deep, dark, witty or wise. So please read on and enjoy.

If you are a fan of the more picture laden "witty/fun" stuff at the site you might want to skip this part. It is a little text heavy. Also no pics of cartoon villains or weird toys (unless I can find some way to cram them in). Not even a Judd Nelson reference so far. You have been warned...

Also if anyone has any comments or suggestions please e-mail me

Mixed-Up Articles:

Out Of The Void... - Assorted Poems
by Shred, Dave & Others - (I swore I'd never put these up here!)

by Shred

The Sky
by Fizzy_Blu

The Absurd Temptation Of The Bright World Of Being Normal
by Remorse

The Happy Happy Hope Poem
(Or The Hidden Truth Of I)
by Shred

Drunken Preamble To An Evening Of Meaningless Fun
by Shred

Lost In A Downward Spiral Of Modern Decay
by Shred