Hot Pursuit

(Steven Lisberger; 1987)

Hot Pursuit Poster

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John Cusack, Robert Loggia, Wendy Gazelle, Jerry Stiller + Ben Stiller

Meet Danny (John Cusack), he's a responsible, all-round nice guy who's spending an idyllic holiday in the Caribbean with his girlfriend Lori (Wendy Gazelle). They've been planning it for months but fate has a way of changing plans.

This film is only a teen movie in the loosest sense. That sense beeing it has John Cusack and is quite funny. It starts off actually quite serious and a little depressing when John's character Danny finds he has failed an exam and will have to stay at school over summer and can't go with Lori and her family on holiday to the Caribbean. This in turn makes her father think of Danny as being a loser. Then, thanks to a sympathetic teacher he finds he can go and heads out to try and catch up with Lori and her family. That's when things start to go wrong. Missing his plane is only the start as he encounters bizarre Jamaicans who he thinks are trying to mug him, jailbreaks, jungles, hurricanes, hijackings and wakes up after a nights drinking to find himself aboard a strange boat with a captain that is on a revenge mission.

Obviously it all comes good in the end with him not only meeting up with Lori but proving himself to her father by rescuing her family from terrorists.

This film is a lot of fun. Not one of John Cusack's best, but still a good watch. It has adventure, excitement, crazy situations, explosons and all etched against the lush and enchanting background of the Caribbean. If Captain Ron were crossed with Better Off Dead you might get a sense of this movie.

The supporting cast are all well placved and good in their roles. Especially Captain "Mac" McClaren (Robert Loggia) who helps Danny and Ben Stiller as one of the gang of terrorists. Cusack fans should like this and everyone else should at least enjoy it the once.

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