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Teenage Kicks - The 80's Teen Movie Guide

The 80's had many genres of movie but only two of them are quintessentially "80's". These are the slasher style horror movies and of course the teen films.

There was a rise of a whole new generation of young actors - "The Brat Pack". The following pages will attempt to address the films and actors involved.

The plots for these films were always similar to a degree. All the kids had problems, more problems than actually existed in fact. Most films seemed to revolve around love, record shops (to ensure a sellable soundtrack), a large dose of angst/whining and the characters coming to the conclusion that all their problems were actually the fault of their parents. (In John Hughes films at least).

And so on to the homage to these films....




[The Outsiders]
[Party Party]
[16 Candles]
[Revenge Of The Nerds]

[The Breakfast Club]
[St Elmo's Fire]
[Better Off Dead]
[Weird Science]
[Girls Just Want To Have Fun]
[The Sure Thing]

[Pretty In Pink]
[Ferris Bueller's Day Off]
[Adventures In Babysitting]
[3 O'Clock High]
[Hot Pursuit]
[The Lost Boys]


[Licence To Drive]
[Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure]
[Assault Of The Party Nerds]
[Say Anything]

Other films coming soon :-

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