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No. 1 TV Hero

Zack Morris

from Saved By The Bell

Oh yeah baby! Zack is, was and always will be 'the man'. Apart from his good looks, good hair (which never changed style since he's been in junior high, I mean some of my hair style's when young were atrocious, but he's always had it together) and fairly large amount of women who fancied him there is also his other attributes. He's a schemer. Always coming up with ingenious ways of getting out of homework, work, trouble, etc. And he isn't afraid to pass on this knowledge! Not only does he scheme but most of the time they work. Despite all this he is the star of the show. The amount of things he's got away with right under Belding's nose!

Notice also the way he defies American High School trends and bridges the social divide. He's the traditional rich/popular kid (known as 'Preppy' by Slater) but he also hangs out with a jock (aforementioned Slater), the biggest geek in the history of the School (of course I'm talking about Screech) and a scary neo-feminist (Jessie). He also manages to hang out with the Principal quite a lot without ever losing his cred. Of course he also made sure he hung out with the two most attractive girls in the school as well - Lisa and Kelly.

Zack also knew the meaning of loyalty and friendship. He'd been friends with Lisa & Screech ever since we first saw him in 'Good Morning Miss Bliss'. He remained friends with Slater despite their occasional fallings out (mainly over women). Once he met Kelly though Zack knew she was the one. He chased her for years. Despite them both going out with other people once they had broken up they reconciled and eventually ended the Original Saved By The Bell class with the Wedding In Las Vegas special.

But let's not forget that not all his schemes worked. He also became quite full of himself at times and had to be taken down a peg or two by his friends, but this all just goes to show not everyone is perfect and helped make Zack seem more human.
All of this and he had the ability to stop time to talk to the audience or even just avoid things, just by making the time-out signal. Let me ask you, who is better than him and who wouldn't want to be Zack if a guy, or be with Zack if a girl. So next time you are out in a pub or club I ask you to stop and remember Zack and raise your glasses to the No.1 TV Hero of (probably) all time!