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Top 5 TV Heroes

Whilst this article is another list of fictional characters, for once it is a list of 'real' characters, as opposed to the normal cartoon obsession/lunacy. This is a list of the guys from tv series tha I would most like to be, if I had to be a 'real' fictional character. You know, if one of those situations occured where you just had to become one. We all know it might happen to any one of us without warning, so we better have an answer prepared. Otherwise, put under pressure to come up with an immediate answer, you end up saying the first thing that comes into your head and before you know it the weird little mischevious imp that you accidentally summoned whilst cleaning Great Aunt Maud's watering can has turned you into Robbie from Eastenders...

5 - The Doctor from Dr. Who

Well I've always been a big Dr. Who fan and the Dr. was so much better than any of his assistants. True The Master had the cool goatee and black outfit, but he really wasn't a match for the Doctor.
Even though the Doctor's personality has changed with each incarnation, his love of life, intelligence and general coolness and level-headedness (not to mention a small dose of arrogance) have always come shining through. Plus he surrounds himself with headstrong, attractive women and flies through time annoying people, whilst being a renegade from his own people. What a job! For the record my favourite Doctor is either William Hartnell or Sylvester McCoy with Peter Davison running a close third.

4 - Chris Stevens from Northern Exposure

He was a philospher, artist (of a kind), slacker, long haired priest by mail who hosted the morning show on Scicily's radio station. Everyone was able to approah Chris, who was a friendly guy and he always had some words that whilst maybe not wisdom, made you think. He had a large appreciation of music, art and literature and above all else - built a catapult which flung a piano and a coffin into a huge Alaskan lake. Who wouldn't want to be responsible for doing that?!

3 - Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzerelli from Happy Days

Are words even necessary? Well maybe one - 'Aaaayyyy!' . (Yes I realise not actually a word). He is the epitome of cool. He wears a leather jacket, rides a motorbike, has cool hair, women are attracted to him and generally seems like a nice guy always trying to do the right thing. Okay so sometimes he's a little slow off the mark, but that can be made up for by the way he can make a jukebox work just by hitting it. He isn't embarressed by the fact most of his friends are fairly nerdy, is always polite to Richie's parents and lives above a garage. All he needs to be even better is to play a guitar.

2 - Nasir from Robin Of Sherwood

One of the earliest tv characters I ever remember seeing and thinking - wow, I want to be like him. Apart from the black hair and natty beard, he has two swords (very cool to me as a kid) and a far better outfit than the rest of Robin's merry men. All those studs and all. Plus the fact he never seemed to speak just helped make him more cool and mysterious. Plus we all new he was actually better than Robin at swordfighting and his equal at archery. He was never fooled by King Richard's false generosity and had a very wide noble streak. I still watch the show today and wish I could get a part in a show to play, like his.

Now onto Part Two to find out who is the No.1 TV Hero of all time!