Weird Science
(John Hughes; 1985)

Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Bill Paxton and Robert Downey Jr.

[Gary; "Cool"] [Gary: "Bitch"]

"It's Purely Sexual"

Bra on head

Gary Wallace (Anthony Michael Hall) is at high school. He's not very athletic and not at all popular, especially with the girls. It's Friday night and he and his pal Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith)are popping corn and watching videos. Inspired by a clip from the great classic 'Frankenstein', they decide to see whether have the power to produce a simulation of a woman according to their specifications. With the help of their computer fed with pictures of gorgous centrefolds and wired up to all sorts of household gadgets, they get some weird science going! The noise is deafening, there's thunder and lightening, a heavy rainstorm, bras on heads and Gary and Wyatt are scared witless...and then she appears. Lisa (Kelly Le'Brock) is (supposedly) beautiful, breathless and the answer to every man's dreams (again supposedly). She has materialised for Gary and Wyatt, not to be a genie, but to adjust their lives. She has to turn them from zeros to heroes!

This film revolved around the two biggest geeks in school - Gary and Wyatt - and what happens to them after they acidentally create a real woman, with their computer. Except she is more than just an ordinary woman. She has strange powers but she also has to do whatever they say whilst trying her hardest to get the boys to open up and become popular. She helps the boys get over their inhibitions and face up to their problems.

Woman and Thing

Surprise, surprise one of the geeks is Anthony Michael Hall! This is a little different from other teen movies in that you have to seriously suspend your disbelief as it is quite an impossible situation they find themselves in. A mix of comedy and the normal working out their feelings for people this (along with Heathers) is a bit of a cult classic among teen movie fans. Recently it has also been made into a television series. With the two geeks both looking similar to the people who played the characters in the film. The only one who looks different is Kelly LeBrock's character who has been made to look younger and blonder.

All in all Hughes has done it again. Another great teen movie. It has all the cliches in it. The two geeks liking girls who wouldn't look twice at them. Two 'cool' guys who bully them. The commuppances, the two geeks learning to be themselves, etc. Also Wyatt is terrorised by his older brother Chett. The thing that sets this film apart is obviously the precence of Lisa. Leading them into good comey territory (a trip to the mall to get underwear, organising a party at Wyatt's house) and also offering moral guidance. Although it sounds odd this film should be seen. It is very good.

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