Licence To Drive
(Greg Beeman;1988)

Corey & Corey, will we see their like again?

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

This is a classic tale. Les (Corey Haim) is taking his driving test. When he passes he will own a licence to drive. But as his best friend Dean (Corey Feldman) puts it: "That is no ordinary piece of paper. That is a driver's licence. But it is not only a driver's licence. It is an automobile licence. But it is not only an automobile licence. It is a licence to live. A licence to be free; To go wherever, whenever...and with whomever you choose".

If he can drive a car then he stands a chance with the girl of his dreams - Mercedes. However he fails, but neglects to tell anyone letting them believe that he has passed. That night he steals his Grandfather's car and goes for a night on the town with Mercedes. Along the way she passes out, his two friends join him, she ends up in the boot and a whole host of trouble happens. They never taught him how to drive in these situations!

This teen movie most people will tell you is a classic. Although not written or directed by John Hughes, it does star the two Corey's. Corey Feldman is excellent in his girl-hungry, to hell with it best friend role. All the twists and turns in this movie mean you never quite know whether they will get away with it or not. It is a fast paced comedy that is very re-watchable and definitely one of the must-see teen movies.

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