Ferris Bueller's Day Off
(John Hughes; 1986)

The guys

Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen.

[Ferris; "Life"]

One of the funniest of the teen movies and one of the most fondly remembered by other people. After having already taken eight days off school, Ferris (Matthew Broderick) realises that this is probably the last 'sicky' he will be able to pull so he plans to make the most of it. He gets best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) to come along and together they trick the school into letting Ferris' girlfriend out, take Cameron's dad's Ferrari and head into the city. Along the way they keep almost running into Ferris' dad, whilst the school principal (Jeffrey Jones) is out hunting for them.

This film is brilliant. Ferris' character is loved by everyone, except his sister (Jennifer Grey), and the elaborate plans Ferris concocts to stop his parents realising he isn't really ill prove without a doubt he is the coolest (and jammiest) kid around. With frequent pauses as Broderick talks to the camera to offer his own unique advice and Cameron's almost suicidal pessimism this film is truly a classic.

It was only after watching this film numerous times that it suddenly dawned on me. This film isn't really about Ferris at all. It is really all about Cameron's relationship with his uncaring father and how he will deal with it. All the signs are there! Most of the conversations are about it, everything! I should have realised sooner considering it is a Hughes movie that there would be some blaming it on parents somewhere. This is classic 80's Teen Movie fare. A guy, a girl, his friend some angst, things you only wished you could do when you were at school and, of course, eventual bonding between Ferris and his sister.

Things to watch out for: a cameo by Charlie Sheen as the druggie Ferris' sister gets involved with, the two garage attendants joyriding and Ferris singing (miming) Twist and Shout aboard the parade float.

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