Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
(Stephen Herek;1989)

Bill & Ted

Starring: Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves

Bill S. Preston esq. and Ted Theodore Logan have a problem. They are Wild Stallions, a rock band that is destined to become the greatest band the world has ever seen. (Despite the fact they can't play yet). However they are failing history - most non-triumphant!. If they fail then Ted will be sent to an Alaskan military school and the band will never happen. They have one night in which to prepare an oral report on which they must get an A.

Bill for the chop

Help is at hand though - Excellent! Because all life in the future is based on their music, the future have sent back Rufus in a time travelling telephone box to aid them on their quest in doing a report on various historical figures. Rufus leaves them to it - the idea being they can go to whoever and whenever their report is about and gather information on them. But Bill & Ted have a better idea and start kidnapping the historical figures (such as Genghis Kahn and Joan of Arc) and bringing them to the present. Needless to say the hostorical figures fitting into (the then) contemporary Californian culture isn't the only problem. How will two slacker, metalheads fit into Medievil England or the Wild West?

Socrates, Ted, Billy The Kid & Bill try to read the review


This film left the basic ideas of the average teen film, but not in as many ways as you might think. In fact apart from the air guitar and travelling through time it had pretty much all the normal themes within it. Stress from parents (namely Bill's dad using his room with new stepmom Missy and Ted's dad threatening to send him away to military school in Alaska), chasing after girls (the princesses) and going to school.

With great slang and cool characters this movie is fun and comedy all the way! Well worth checking out. It has also spawened a sequel, an animated series and a live action tv series to boot!

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