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Dreams And Consternation

In the midst of darkness

Where ambiguity reigns

And suppressed cravings are unleashed,

Whilst the tortured souls upturn

And Evil calls it home

A light comes to light

A soft flame awakes

Starting off wanting, but also needing

It grows and grows

Sprouting and blossoming into a bright blaze

Illuminating the darkness

Throwing order to the waste

Putting meaning in the void

Harsh to the observer but soft to the touch

Peach light and amber smells

As a form steps through the flame,

Through the darkness into the light

Sensing and surrounding those it touches

With a bathing warmth.

A satisfactory glow

More join the form

Each recieving a buzz from knowing.

Happiness fills the air

A gentle haze arises

A strong bond, unbreakable and unmoveable

Shatters through the darkness and the gloom

The greatest feeling develops

No-one ever wants to leave

And the name of this form,

This form which spreads forth, such happiness and peace and life

All of which can be expressed in a single emotional smile,

Is known as

Love....(simply love).


by Shred