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Saw Boss

from Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors

As villains go Saw Boss has to be one of the most successful out there! Since being spawned in an experiment gone wrong (the way a lot of the best villains are) by the scientist Auric he has forged a whole empire under him. Whole planets have been enslaved and he has a large slave force of captured scientists and others working for him. His minions - the Monster Minds - do exactly what he commands, he doesn't accept any challenges to his authority. He has a large spy network and contacts in the criminal underground. The only place he seems to be failing is in capturing the Lightening League and destroying the one thing that can harm him - "the magic root" that Jayce's father Audric created.

Just check out his lair.

Monster Mind Headquarters: Audric's research facility, which was the "birthplace" of the Monster Minds, is now used as the Monster Minds' headquarters. It can teleport to any spot where eight to twelve supporting "receptacles" (green plant-like cylinders) and/or a cushion of Monster Mind vines have been placed beforehand. If one of the receptacles becomes damaged, the headquarters cannot teleport away until it is repaired.

Since possessing the research facility he has had access to advanced technology and with his captured scentists he is always one step ahead. He has satellites which can track Jayce and co. through space and also attack ships, implanting vines in them. He has bees whose stings can put people under his control and a satellite which replicates Audric signal, thus luring the Lightening League to their doom.

Saw Boss Wants You!

Speaking of mind control, you may have noticed that large noggin of his. Well it's all brain baby! He telepathically controls ALL of his minions - the Monster Minds - as well as communicates with his human spies with implants. He can also see through his monster mines sensors when they are in vehicle form. An image of him appears above the trooper's optic sensors when he talks to his troops through a soldier. Just think of Darth Sidious in The Phantom Menace.
He himself can take vehicle fom as well. When he does go into battle he becomes the largest of the wheeled Monster Mind vehicles (double to triple the size of the average trooper), possesses a distinctive gold buzz-saw, and lacks the two front orange stripes his "clones" possess.

Apart from the Monster Mines, he also has 'The Vines' at his disposal. The vines serve as space highways on which the troopers can drive. They can grow Monster Mind vehicles from blossoms, release spores that weaken anyone who ingests them, capture ships and vehicles, strangle people, and smother whole worlds as they pass through space. They appear to be somewhat sentient, as they are capable of fighting and react quickly to stimuli.

Considering all his assets it is no surprise people want to be like him as the above picture shows. The only surprising thing is that he hasn't yet succeeded in his goals. But then in the great tradition of cartoon villainry he will always make some strategic error or the good guys will make a miraculous escape.

So Saw Boss we salute you - an ongoing reminder of the consequences of Man trying to play God with nature.