Alison - Ally Sheedy

Claire - Molly Ringwald


Brian - Anthony Michael Hall


John Bender - Judd Nelson

Andy - Emilio Estevez


The Breakfast Club

(John Hughes; 1985)

Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson and Paul Gleason. With a John Hughes cameo.

[Brian: "Chicks"] [John: "Dweebie"]

This was possibly the definitive teen flick. The 80's teen movie bible. Five stereotypes - a brain, an athlete, a prom queen, a basket case and a criminal. It then stuck them all in a room for a day (in this case a Saturday detention at school) and although they started off hating each other they realise that they are really all alike and become friends, whilst finding out their problems are all the fault of their parents....

It had all the classic Brat stars as well: Molly Ringwald is the spoiled teen princess, Emilio Estevez is the Jock, Judd Nelson is the rebel, Ally Sheedy is the semi-Goth and yes, Anthony Michael Hall is the nerd.

One day film historians will write books about The Breakfast Club. Still hailed today as a classic (not just by this site). Still being referenced in programmes and films as diverse as Dawson's Creek and Dogma. All this without there being a specific plot to speak of.
It starts off superbly with that song*, then a David Bowie quote which smashes and we see the school. Shermer High School, in Shermer Illinois (the fictitious town where each of John Hughes movies are set). Then a montage of assorted shots to do with high school and each one referring to the individual characters whilst a diatribe is read above setting the scene. Then all the individual characters arrive at school and proceed to sit at various desks in the library. In comes the principle (Paul Gleason) who sets the scene. It is ludicrously early Saturday morning and the kids are in detention. They must stay there all day and write an essay saying who they think they are. From there on in most of the film is just the kids attacking each other (mostly verbally) and getting to know each other. We find out all their problems, what each one did to be in detention and why it's all their parents fault.
The action is nicely broken up by the music and also a running sequence (to get drugs strangely enough) as well as a dancing sequence. All the things they talk about are fairly accurate for a teen movie and all the acting is spot on. Sure they are all stereo-types but after this everyone who sees it wants to be John Bender! Endlessly quotable and undeniably brilliant this is possibly the greatest teen movie ever!

*Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me


Final Scene


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