(Joel Schumacher; 1985)

St Elmo's Fire Poster

St Elmo's Blokes

Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy, Mare Willingham and Andie MacDowell

They thought they would be friends forever. But forever couldn't last.

Although made in the middle of the teen movie era and starring most of the regulars, this is more about when they have all graduated and become adults. (The actors are actually playing something near their own age for once!). Made in the same year as the Breakfast Club, it lacks the certain indefinable something that that film had. However this is a good film in its own right. It follows the love lives of the main characters and their friendships falling apart and getting back together. It also charts their realisation that things change and people drift apart, no matter how close they once were. Things change, people forget.

Rob Lowe is the one who refuses to grow up, Emilio Estevez is obsessed with an older woman (Andie MacDowell); Judd Nelson is the principal free, aspiring politician; Ally Sheedy is his suffering Mrs-to-be; Demi Moore is rich and coked out of her brain; Andrew McCarthy is the shy, sensitive one (just for a change) and Mare Willingham is the legs crossed "other one".

Oh and St Elmo's Fire is the name of the bar they frequent.

St Elmo's gang

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