Idle Hands

(Rodman Flender; 1999)

Idle Hands Poster

Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, Jessica Alba and Vivica A. Fox

"A story about a teenage boy and his right hand".

Once more the teen horror movie delves into horror and like The Lost Boys before it this one keeps the comedy. In fact this is one of the funniest teen movies out there, as well as the sickest. As noted by it's 18 certificate. The basic story is this; There is a demon which is moving from town to town and in each town it possesses the right hand of the most idle person there. Enter Anton. All he does is watch tv with his friends and get stoned. He also fancies the girl next door but is afraid to talk to her (classic teen movie here!). Then he finds he can't control his hand and it ends up killing people. Including his two best buddies Pnub and Mick.

Pnub and Mick at the Halloween Party

However help is at hand when Anton's friends come back from the dead and help him cut his hand off (go with me here). But it doesn't stop it and now the race is on to find it and destroy it before it kills anyone else, and it is heading for the school halloween party!

This film is fairly unique and very classy. Think Evil Dead II meets California Man. It has some excellent characters like Randy (Jack Noseworthy) who is in love with his Ford truck and classic scenes, like when Anton has to tie his hand down when he is with a girl to stop it killing her. Also the part when they put the hand in the microwave is reminiscent of Gremlins and the fact everyone thinks Pnub and Mick are really in zombie costumes rather than actually dead is fantastic.

The film starts with a long crane shot and looks like it could be a normal horror until you meet Anton. Then it is obvious this will have normal Teen comedy attributes. There are some great shots of the hand moving by itself (incidentally it is done by Christopher Hart who did Thing in The Addam's Family Movie) and Devon Sawa's performance of his hand moving seperately to his control is utterly brilliant and totally believable. Nothing truly prepares you for what is to come but throughout there is some fantastic stoner humour from Pnub and Mick. Also the supporting characters all help lend something to the film. Plus The Offspring make a guest appearance. This truly is a MUST SEE film.

Evil hand


Idle Hands Poster

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