(Alan Metter; 1985)

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and Shannon Doherty

Janie and Jeff

Janie (Sarah Jessica Parker) has just moved to Chicago, where her favourite tv show - Dance TV is made. She makes friends with the more adventurous Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt). They find out about a dance contest to become a regular on D-TV and enter. Also entering is Jeff (who becomes paired up with her) and Natalie - the spoiled little rich girl who wants everything her own way, at the expense of the others. During practice for the dance competition Janie and Jeff start to fall for each other. Whilst unbeknownst to Janie Natalie wants Jeff for herself (not to mention winning the dance contest) and tries to get her father to blackmail Jeff into quitting as Jeff's father works for him. Make-up She also wants revenge as Janie and Lynne managed to sabotage her father's country club party that was being held in her honour. Along the way they Janie is caught skipping out on class and home to practice by her father, who is ex-military, and is banned from participating. With the help of Lynne escapes the house and goes to the final anyway. Seeing her on tv her father races to the studio to try and stop her.
The film climaxes with the Dance finals as Janie's father tries to stop her, Natalie's father tries to stop Jeff whilst romance is blossoming between them.

This film is slightly odd in that it is more about dancing than teen angst. However the supporting cast is great with good comic characters in Jeff's entrepeneur/pervert friend and Helen Hunt's madcap character. It features most of the classic eighties staples; malls, parties, romance, fun and of course the bad character getting their come uppance. It also features lots of good dancing and lots of cool hair - dyed, mohawked, spiky, big, etc. Made back when Punk was cool the first time round. Basically this is just a good fun film.

The group

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