Assault Of The Party Nerds
(Richard Gabai;1989)

Nerd in paradise

pervy pics

Starring: Troy Donahue, Richard Gabai, Richard Rafkin and Deborah Rouse

The Lambda Alpha Eta fraternity are not the biggest, not the best looking, not nearly the most popular; but they are ready, willing and animal!

Membership is on the decline and their ranks are reduced to just four - Scott, T.K., Richie and Wola (who has been in the fraternity so long he owes a cool, quarter of a million dollars in student loans!).

Down on their luck they organise "The Party To End All Parties". With the action hotting up their deadly rivals the "Jocks" arrive, looking for confrontation. The Lambdas out-nerd them with some truly gross antics

-becoming true party animals!


This is a cross between the obvious Revenge Of The Nerds and National Lampoons Animal House, although it doesn't reach those high standards, mainly because this presumabley had a much smaller budget. It does have its moments though. Particularly the twist which has the Jocks turning out to be involved in a gay threesome. Also the way the three jocks are shown to be vain, sexist, macho pigs is amusing. The Nerds end up getting the Jocks girls by the end and it all wraps up neatly. This is possibly also the only film in which the characters try to synchranize sex.
This movie isn't as bad as you might imagine from the title, just not as good as it could be. The added bonus with this film is due to its easy flowing story and the music used (obviously made specifically for this film) it makes this film very re-watchable. A good one for those all-night film watching sessions!

Side note; This film has so far spawned three sequels. The only teen film other than Revenge Of The Nerds to do so.

Also Richard Gabai (Writer, Director and Star) says he digs this site!

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