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Teenage Angst - The 90's Teen Movie Page

This site is the follow up and companion to Teenage Kicks - The 80's Teen Movie Page It will document how the 90's teen movies have gone in comparison to the 80's ones.

The Comparison

Well they started off as the Eighties left off - dark and with a social message with 'Pump Up The Volume' but most ended up being more in the vein of the early 80's teen movies by becoming blatent rites of passage comedies. The only differences were, in the Nineties the original "Brat-Pack" had grown up and gone and although a couple of people did star in more than one film (Seth Green), they were still seen seperately and there were not enough recurring stars to form a new "Brat-pack". Plus John Hughes had left the scene entirely, so there was less blaming of parents and just more focus on comedy and teen antics! The movies also didn't retain the quirkiness of their eighties counterparts. The teen movies in truth had started to dry out with only a few making the effort in the early-mid nineties. However there was a resurgance of the genre appearing towards the very end of the period when it seemed they could make money for the studios again as the transition phase was over and there was a whole new generation of kids to sell to who hadn't seen The Breakfast Club and didn't wear jackets with large shoulder pads and rolled up sleeves.




[Pump Up The Volume]
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[Dead Man On Campus]

[10 Things I Hate About You]
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[American Pie]

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