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Take the pain and throw it to the sky - clear my eyes clear my heart

look it's there- so large so beautiful

it's amazing I haven't seen it before

But it was there all along

Hello me ....

Good bye old face

whom the tears thrown inside with fists and legs and words (take them away)

All inside crying out "Let me go let me go"

but the spell was too strong until the other side of the face was seen as it was

and then drawn away knowing the man was someone else all along

someone who he shouldn't of been

someone reversed and cruel too an unobserved accuracy.

was it all just a game five years of cruelty?

"Let the punishment begin hence forth"

the witch has spoken out for her sanity

This cannot be it is an atrocity

cut off her head

cut out her tongue

cut out her heart

gouge out her eyes

and spill her so she'll no longer be

don't let her see

don't let her see don't let her see me

don't let her see herself

her capacity or she'll be free"

Freedom is mine it belongs to us all if we know where to look (it's not in it's face).

by Kassariana