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Sweet Hypocrite

Can you catch a bright young flame who can run much faster than you

Can you watch your burnt out life and still stay in control of you

Can you say your final prayers in the dawn of a crazy mess

Can you help yourself to love - why cant you see you've made a mess of yourself

Will you keep this youthful stance in the dawn of your ageing self

Will you see tomorrows fools are the only ones you'll ever impress

Will you cry when those who care have enough of this pathetic digress

Will you learn that losing yourself is a fucking waster of time and stress

You speak of the innocent

You speak of things from wasted dreams

You speak in riddles of plaintive schemes

You cry you bawl you hit you scream

You blame it all on everyone you cannot understand

how you feel as strong as you do feel

on no feel circumstance

Have you seen a light in black in the depression and the doom

Have you held a bright young flame and let it go before it burnt you

Have you learnt to hate the world and begged so hard to leave

Have you learnt yet pain is good and the only way you'll ever believe

by Kassariana