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Fear Of The Morally Righteous Guilt

Whence the lonesome dove doth sing

Upon the midnight hour of the day

Then I will lose the guilt of my sin

Without the pressing need to prey.

And when I fall into my grave

I will not be thinking of this terrible thing

This thing that wracked my world with happiness and pain

All because of my one, ridiculous fling.

A fling that near cost me my life.

One fateful night it did occur

I went in not knowing the impending strife

Had I such I would deter.

I went to a handsome ball

In a big country house

The ladies looked sweet, whilst the dukes looked tall

And into this scenario I crept, quiet as a mouse.

Into this dark foreboding house.

Through the kitchens and up the stair

Avoiding servants in the corridor

I came to my lady's lair

But when I entered I did not expect the sight I saw.

There she stood as if in a daze

Behind her was a tall gentle man, wrapped in black

He bit into her neck as he caught me in his gaze

He had to hold her shoulders as her body went slack

I gasped at the horror before me

Because she smiled and raised her skirt to her knee

He touched a switch and the lights became dim

I fled the house in disgust

In my haste almost falling to my doom

My sin it seems was being appalled at lust

And for high morals I should be punished soon.

But when I die why will I not think of this scene?

As I am lowered into the earth my mind will not be clear

For the next night I saw something far more obscene

I just wish when thinking of such I had no fear....

But fear of what?

by Shred