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The Raven Flies

The sky hangs low, shadowing the earth pitch-black as coal

Shallow screams fill the air, just another lost soul


The sea of dreams blood red and irrevocably changed

Engrossed with the tears and fears of those who do remain


The raven flies high tonight perched on a naked oak tree

Oil drop eyes staring out over the expanse catching those who flee


Desecrated breezes carry solemn cries of torture and pain

Flickering candles carefully lit for the dead in monotonous vein


Heartless demons search quietly for their innocent victims

Knowing the price of a soul runs high within the devil's sanctum


Clutch your children and hide for the raven flies high on this night

Silently soaring through the thick air, spreading his ebony wings in flight


Soul wrenching echoes of dying tortured souls fill the musty air

Desperately seeking out the faceless savior they doubt is even there


Listen intently to the scream of the raven's powerful cries

He has come to slowly steal your soul until it withers and dies

by Tracey Ann Dunne