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(Rabbit Dreams Of Heaven)

A rabbit lies, staring at the ceiling,

Staring at the night sky.

All around it are star-shaped flowers

Growing, blossoming, burning near the moon-shaped rocks

Whilst small asteroids of rain

Bombard its still form

And as the bunny looks up,

It sees large clumps of flower-like stars,

Pebble-shaped moons and

As the clouds cloud over the picture, the whiskered creature sees another rabbit,

Another bunny, lying in the sky-ground

Lying, watching, (waiting),

And as the sky and earth collide, and as the picture becomes misty,

There is confusion,

Earth mingled with sky,

Sky mingled with earth

All surrounded by patchy white

And in a discreet corner of nothingness is an opening. An exit.

An opening-exit. And bunny considers it

Walks-hops towards it.

Both bunnies together as one.

But the rabbit turns away

Goes back through the clouds and confusion

Till it lies in a field

Surrounded by flower-shaped flowers

And rock-shaped rocks

Gone are the clouds and the night sky.

Only normalness remains

and a memory......

by Shred