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If I could only see - If only I could believe

But as you are now - as you can see - I wont be free

Each break - Each pull to somewhere - anywhere just get me away

Something's not right here - some things should not be written here

I cannot be - unless I am believed

I cannot be believed as doubt spreads the seed of doubt in me

Have you lost it and have you lost it all

What can you find in faith in me

I can only see bits falling from me

Whether long held walls of something held dear

or something's that shouldn't be released

From hours crying - only me to console me

Is it no-one cares or people don't feel it necessary

(its not like I'M the only one here)

This world cared once - I cared once

What has become of me? Cant you believe in me

as only I can be.........

by Kassariana