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Bitter Stupidity

Sometimes they come

Sometimes the gloom prevails

Like the rainy streets

Of a soldier’s beckoning call

Whilst the future’s wondered

In the midst of an Autumn fall.

The mind wanders for the reason.

The answer must be in someone’s head

As they walk along the lonely path

Lined with trees, starved and dead.

The answer doth not appear

Our protests are for nothing.

The only sounds that can be heard

Are the old-men vultures singing;

"Our cause is just – we must prevail".


The carriage comes to take our sons

To court Europe’s long-lost daughter

Her name is war. Her history long.

Her assets flashed, to help hide the slaughter.


In times after this,

When the fields have returned to bloom,

Their sorrows sympathised, their glories remembered

We will feel remorse, but will this stop the gloom?

by Shred