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November 1994 - Line up no.1 - Play support at Maidenhead Tennis Club as The Voodoo Junkies.
January 1995 - Doug joins the band.
Sat. 14 January 1995 - Line up no.2 - Name changed to Cynicism. Play at Smurfstock Rock Festival. A small local festival organised by members of the band Innocence and Alan Hobson.
Also on the bill are:

  • Innocence
  • Threshhold
  • Ben Cox and Ben Scheck

Smurfstock Crew Pass

January 1995 - Ben leaves the band.
February 1995- Record "Avon Calling" Demo Tape at Matt's house. On it are the songs 'Do You Want To Be My Friend' and 'Stereotype Teenager' (credited as Teenage Deliquants for some reason). Only half the song 'Heaven' comes out and the title track 'Avon Calling' does not come out.
March 1995 - Girl joins the band.
Night Before Mother's Day 1995 - Band practice for upcoming Nirvana tribute - many people come to watch and it turns into a large (near legendary) party.

9 April 1995 - Nirvana Tribute at The White Horse - Line up no.3 - To mark the one year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death we play a covers only gig supported by Ultrapud. Place is packed. A ceiling fan gets broken by crowd surfers. Read a review Here

19 May 1995 - Play at The Pegasus Marlow Bottom supporting Innocence - Pub is packed. Most people there to see us. After we finish we go outside to the carpark to cool down and nearly everyone leaves to come and hang outside. Innocence are forced to stop their set early as only two people are left inside watching them.

8 July 1995 - Smurffstock 2 - Asked back to the follow-up festival we played in January. First band there to get crowd surfers and stage jumpers.

August 1995 - Matt, Doug and Steve decide they want to leave the band to start their own band (Amara). Band essentially falls apart and is over.

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