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Pictures Of The Past

The first thing to turn up in the cellar was a collection of photos. Look at them...yes look at them...I don't know who these people are, where they are (because no photos seem to have been taken in the house they were found in) or what they wanted. All I have to go on is the writing (If any) on the backs of the photos.

UPDATE - In one of the photos, according to the writing on the back, is a guy named Wayne. Now a reliable source has told me that this is in fact a member of The Mission.

To Carlos love Francesca-Ann xx. My friend Bev & I.
I'm the tallest spikey haired one.
December '87. Now my hair/look is quite different sadly

Marianne - behind Karen, Wayne, Vikki

To Carlos - Love Vikki '87'
Don't be put off by the photo!?!
P.S My fringe is longer now!!

Worra pose Eh?

So there you have it. Images of a decade gone by. All thanks to the magic of my cellar. Creepy.