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The next thing to turn up in the cellar was an old fanzine for a band called The Last Cry. So here it is in its entirety. I think this dates from late 1987/early 1988.

UPDATE -The Last Cry actually have their own website - www.thelastcry.com with a load of photos and an mp3 to download! Who knew the cellar of time would have links with the present and the past!- UPDATE


Page 1
Front Cover
Page 2
Page 3
Forward by Jamo
Page 4
Advert for LP
Page 5
Lyrics to "Going Away" + pics
Page 6
Lyrics to "Nowhere To Be Seen" + pics
Page 7
Lyrics to "Big Wheel" + pic
Page 8
Photos of the band
Page 9
Mailing list info
Page 10
Mailing list news
Page 11
Live photos
Page 12
Page 13
More live photos