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Ooh I got some hate mail at last! Check it out:

i'm absolutely fucking outraged!!!!!!!
How can you miss Jessica Rabbit have you no taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fucking idiot i feel strongly about it-later dude

Heh heh heh. If all these hours of typing, and setting up webpages have managed to piss one person off then it hasn't all been in vain I say!

Anyway anyone who has been here before will have noticed there is a brand new no.1 on the list. This meant someone had to go and strangely it wasn't number 10. It was in fact number 7 - Teela from He-Man. She just didn't have the sentimental attachment of the others and I was never a huge fan, but I wanted a He-man reference on here somewhere as it was one of the cartoons I spent most time watching. Well that's it until I watch a new cartoon and find someone else and have to radically re-alter the list. As always all suggestions are welcome!